Dr. Foluso Ayeni

Dr. Foluso Ayeni is the Director of Research and Administration at East Carolina University’s International Center for Information Technology and Development (ECU-ICITD) within the University of North Carolina System in Greenville, North Carolina, USA. Dr. Foluso Ayeni is the Vice President of International Linkages of the Information and Communication Technology University (ICT University) with its foundation based in Louisiana, USA, and multiple campuses based in developing countries. He is the Executive Secretary, Initiative, and Partnerships of the African Society for ICTs (ASICTs). He holds a BS and MSc degree in Management Information Systems from Covenant University and a Ph.D. in STEM from Southern University and A &M College, Louisiana, USA.  He is an adjunct faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems at Baton Rouge Community College and Southern University and A & M College. He is the founder of Did You Know Initiative and Minority Doctoral Consortium. He is a member of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Graduate Network. He has about 7 years of higher education teaching and research experience both in Sub-Saharan Africa and the USA. In March 2018, He won the Best Graduate Oral Presentation at the Louisiana Academy of Sciences Conference, In the same year, he was also appointed an Honorary Mayor-President in the City of Baton Rouge based on his hard work and commitment to Community Development. In 2014, he won a Research/Internship Grant from the Association of African Universities targeted towards developing underserved communities. With excellent communication, time management, writing, and creativity skills, his research area includes Professional Development, Educational Technologies, Cybersecurity Education, Knowledge Management, Public Health Informatics, Operations Research, Business Intelligence, and Big Data Technology. Foluso Ayeni currently serves as a Co-Principal Investigator for several Grant writing activities at East Carolina University ICITD, USA, and ICT University Foundation, USA. He was actively involved in piloting and completion of several developmental projects in Sub-Saharan Africa such as the Louisiana Board of Regents: Implementing an Artifact and Theorizing E-Democracy and Citizen Participation in Sub-Saharan Africa, Implementation of Southern University Health Information Technology Laboratory amongst others. He is an Alumnus of the World Bank Youth Summit 2016,2017,2018. He has attended several international conferences and published in reputable peer-reviewed journals. In 2019, he served as a resource person for Harvard University Global Health Catalyst Conference. He has served as chair, co-chair, and technical committee member at several international conferences and workshops. Some of his research work has been published in the International Journal of Computing and Informatics, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Science Journal of Public Health, American Journal of Applied Mathematics, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science while others are under review in reputable peer-reviewed journals. He is an active member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), American Educational Research Association (AERA), Louisiana Academy of Sciences (LAS), and National Center for Science Education (NCSE). He is currently working on Implementing Blended Learning Systems for Cybersecurity Training and Education among Minorities in the USA.